A person of true beauty. A girl with such a kind personality that anyone will simply fall in love with. A Cheryl will help anyone out without hesitation. They have trusting blue eyes and large bussoms.
That Cheryl just saved 100 children!
by bobosa911 August 05, 2006
A compromise..
A girl with a kind personality who will poop on your windshield if you get on her bad side
She seemed kind, but shes just a cheryl
by Thatsme June 08, 2007
A Cheryl.
Amazing, very odd, very obnoxious, girl. She is a very kind person and is always for an adventure. She expresses her self differently then many others do. She has a beautiful personality with a beautiful face along with, like total BABE! although she may sound the girl you always dreamed off, she could be the most biggest bitch if on her bad side.
"Damnnnnn, Check her out! what a cheryl!"
by yeboi June 27, 2009
A girl someone will never forget

because of the unforgettable things she does or says

, Beautiful,very outgoing, lovable !
very good listener& advice giver,
puts others before herself,
always on time, never forgets anything,
& if you get on her bad side , dont's mess with her bc
"Cheryl is simply amazing!"
by shmukkums February 06, 2010
cheryl is a wonderful brunette. one who is nice and kind, and someone who Everyone Should love. Don't miss your chance to take pride in knowing a Cheryl!
Wow, you're so strange, but I love you, since you're Cheryl!
by Jean DeLarosa February 02, 2010
A woman (most likely blonde) with an extremely energetic, effervescent, and outgoing personality who everybody loves and wants to be around. She is the life and soul of every group she graces with her presence.
Wow, she is an amazing person! She must be a Cheryl.
by ThasMe August 27, 2013
Cheryls are quite the promiscuous type. Usually out in bars and clubs looking for their next male companion for the night they usually come home with one male companion but do prefer a couple of male companions to aid their sexual desires. Cheryls love large cocks to help fulfil their slutty natures. Usually travelling from town to town when talent in the one place gets boring it dries up. Guys live Cheryl the slut because she allows them to live their filthiest little fantasies. Ladies should watch their man when Cheryl is around, she extremely attractive and extremely sexy with large breasts and an arse to die for. She will usually always get her man and the huge cock she wants!
Girl 1: where is your man, Cheryl just walked in the room and she is always looking for new cock

Girl 2: oh no, quick help me find him before it's too late!
by Noddy July 26, 2014

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