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Racial riots usually between lebs and aussies.
let watch the lebs and aussies have a cronulla.
by pur3pwng3 January 13, 2006
A suburb in Southern Sydney, also known as apart of the Sutherland Shire. Cronulla is famous for its' clean beaches, and infamous for the riots during 2005.
"Let's go down for a surf at 'nulla!"
"I'm going down to Cronulla for a surf!"
by ho792743 October 05, 2006
The place to go if you're Lebanese and want to riot. Sydney.
Reporter - "And another racially charged riot occured in Cronulla today, apparently after some guy said he wanted a salad. That man had this to say..."
Man - "Give me salad!"
by Unknown-Infinity August 25, 2006
To have never won anything
This prize is the first thing I have ever won in my life. So far I have been a "doing a Cronulla"
by Balmainiac May 08, 2006
To have never gotten anywhere in life and end up a bum
Ben, Grant and Zac have been doin a cronulla their whole life
by mitchoadlay June 25, 2006
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