An ultra fast or speedy single dry hump or a quick fuck
please to boff your FUPA
by Ed Supreme December 09, 2003
An insult which is used against people who are clever. It doesn't make much sense because being clever is not a handicap. So all the people who use boff as an insult should try to do a sum which is easier than 2 + 2 , although I doubt their brains would manage it. Then they will find that being a boff is not such a bad thing. It is certainly better than being a chav
Chavette: OMFG ur such a boff.
Boff: Better than being a chav with no brains, like you.

Etc etc.
a cleaned nigger with an apple pie in left hand working at a local mcdonalds and doesnt have change for a brotha
damnnn. that nigga looks so boff he cant buy toast.

the guy at the store looked boff because hes left handed

the baker at the local bread store sold his pies to the dark man... he purchased it with his left hand so that nigga is soooo boff
by cobramach June 01, 2009
what someone says to another person if they think the other person isnt telling the truth
"I've just won the lottery"
by Dino Konstantis August 29, 2006
Short for "Boffin," meaning clever person.

What all the cool kids wish they could be.
LaShanda- Omg i was like so right he was like omg i so can't and i was like...

Whittley- Desist at once, you incompetent fool! We are now boffs, mate innit
by innit March 07, 2007
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