short for boffin
ur sch a boff
by mia October 25, 2003
Anal sex between two males.
Numerous false definitions appear on this website, and they should be ignored. Under no circumstance should this word be used to describe coitus between a man and a woman. Only gay guys can boff.
Bruce is going to boff Jeff.
by FreezeDaddy August 07, 2006
Noun. Awesome guy who resides in Torquay.
Entymology dictates that it originated from, "Boffin Boy" a superhero who sported purple and green glasses and fought the war against bad gramma.
-You are such a boff, Boff"
by Rob Yeo March 15, 2005
to give anal
to hax
ronnie got boffed!
by pwn0r December 08, 2002

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