To sniff or inhale

Ie: boffing deoderant with a tea towel over your face
Luke sat with a tea towel covering his nose and sprayed deoderant onto the tea towel ( boffing )
by The dog nonce April 07, 2013
(Leicester slang) A friendly 'insult' to describe someone who is clever.
She got 48 out of 50 on the test! What a boff.
by Sarah H June 18, 2004
Fuck or screw, not love just done to get off. No particular speed or place.
Jane, let's go boff.
by Roger of Moore's Law April 27, 2004
Big Ol' fat fucker, one who is stupid and fat. Also "BOF"
"Man that kid Javi is a BOFF dude"
"Fer sure bro"
by ManBoney June 04, 2007
To participate in boffing
i.e. simulated melee combat with mostly-safe padded weapons usually constructed with PVC piping and foam, bound and decorated with various Duct Tapes; often used in LARPing to decide the outcomes of battles.

The word was developed as an Onomatopoeia for the sound usually made when the aforementioned padded weapons strike one another or a person (BOFF!).

In lieu of this, these padded weapons used are commonly called "Boffing Weapons".

One example of boffing combat is to follow "black knight" rules--a reference made from Monty Python's King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail--in that, if you are struck in the arm, you are to pretend you have lost that arm; if you are struck in the leg, you are to pretend you have lost that leg; if you are struck in the crotch, waist, torso, neck, or head, you are to decalre yourself 'dead'; if you are struck on an arm or leg that has been lost, it is assumed that the weapon 'would have' passed through the limb that wasn't there and struck the next part concurrently in its path--usually the torso or another limb, resulting in 'death' or another 'amputation'.

Remember, folks, Boffing is just a game.
"I Challenge you to a Boff!"

"He boffed me over the head and now I have to wait for someone to raise me."

"I won, but he still boffed my arm--where's the healer?"
by HCCRPCDrunkenMonkey October 03, 2005
Usually the gutteral sound of disaproval made by a stuffy man with a mustache, but can be used as a verbal expression of joy, fear, anger, etc.
Boff, bring us more cherry tomatoes.
by johnfright October 20, 2010
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