Verb. The act of burping then blowing it at someone.
"Eww! Don't Blurp at me!"
by CD901928374885993 January 07, 2010
when your computer freezes but you keep clicking and when it unfreezes everything happens all at once
my compter blurped the other day while playing sims 3
by jmaster876 June 10, 2009
A Persian woman who bleaches her hair blonde. Often seen in combination with a nose job, heavy make-up, and eveningwear in the daytime. Can be spotted on the streets of Beverly Hills, zig-zaging in a Mercedes SUV with a cell phone pressed to her ear.
I've got a date with a Blurp tonight -- better bring an extra credit card.
by MaxSwell May 12, 2007
When your getting a nice blow job and the girl burps...MAking a vibrating feeling and unleashing more of your splooge.

Max Steen- founder of the name
Seth Pont-founder of the definition
Yo, last nite i was out and i got blurped.

Does any one wanna give me a nice blurping?

I love being blurped!
by Sethpont April 30, 2005
The sound one makes when belching; usually followed by a "Dude, who just mouth-farted?"
Oh, man, who just burped? I hare it when people burp and then blow in your face! Stupid butt-bandits!
A pussy fart!
Meisha: dude did Melissa just Blurp?
Stacey: dude i think so, maybe it was you, damn girl you's nasty!
by Stacey M August 01, 2003
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