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when your computer freezes but you keep clicking and when it unfreezes everything happens all at once
my compter blurped the other day while playing sims 3
by jmaster876 June 10, 2009
Verb. The act of burping then blowing it at someone.
"Eww! Don't Blurp at me!"
by CD901928374885993 January 07, 2010
A Persian woman who bleaches her hair blonde. Often seen in combination with a nose job, heavy make-up, and eveningwear in the daytime. Can be spotted on the streets of Beverly Hills, zig-zaging in a Mercedes SUV with a cell phone pressed to her ear.
I've got a date with a Blurp tonight -- better bring an extra credit card.
by MaxSwell May 12, 2007
When your getting a nice blow job and the girl burps...MAking a vibrating feeling and unleashing more of your splooge.

Max Steen- founder of the name
Seth Pont-founder of the definition
Yo, last nite i was out and i got blurped.

Does any one wanna give me a nice blurping?

I love being blurped!
by Sethpont April 30, 2005
The sound one makes when belching; usually followed by a "Dude, who just mouth-farted?"
Oh, man, who just burped? I hare it when people burp and then blow in your face! Stupid butt-bandits!
A pussy fart!
Meisha: dude did Melissa just Blurp?
Stacey: dude i think so, maybe it was you, damn girl you's nasty!
by Stacey M August 01, 2003