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When a women sucks your cock off.
-Did you have a threesome last night pal?-J-Diggs

-No but one of the whores gave me a flight to Boston-Cutthroat Commitee aka Mac Dre
by D-ru July 08, 2005
When you get caught by the police or half-time
Last night we were high speedin and bapped this van and we got blurped and drunk in shit
by D-ru July 08, 2005
Renta cops, security guards
Half-time tryin to blurp us, but they aint shit
by D-ru July 08, 2005
When the police ride up on you and you are stuck. You let them fuck with you/arrest you and you dont run.
Dont get caught Frosen Goods mann.
by D-ru July 08, 2005
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