Rolled up or normal Cigarette
A cigar
You got a blurb mate?
Im out for a blurb.
Omg i didnt know you blurbed?!
Yeah im blurbing now.
by Jassywassyfishcake December 11, 2010
Top Definition
A blurb is just a short written peice about something. Usually it's in reference to a newspaper article that briefly mentions a barely newsworthy item.
The blurb on the second page only scratched the surface of the material.
by Catalytic of Bnet East July 09, 2003
A small amount of text, used beneath photographs in newspapers, or to thank someone in a book.
Hey Nick, I'm giving you a blurb in my new book, what do you want it to say?
by Donnie! April 06, 2005
A small, dense amount of descriptive text which can be fired like a projectile.
Shoot me a blurb on that, Tim, and I'll get back to you this afternoon.
by Chris August 30, 2004
A dose of highly concentrated spin intended to deflect direct perception and critical thought while presenting a desirable or attractive image to the public.
She's a master of Tae Kwan Do, a skilled brain surgeon, rock star, and wrote all of Shakespeare's sonnets. I read it in her blurb.
by Mongo 702 November 11, 2005
Blurb, from blurt and blubber. A short ‘descriptive’ piece of writing, written without much thought or content, and which can be safely ignored.
People are skeptical about blurbs because they sense the insincerity of the genre
by William Wordsmith March 12, 2015
A spill on oneself.
1. "You blurbed spaghetti sauce on your shirt!"

2. Kathy had a blurb on her pants when the dip fell off her chip.
by Azure Moon November 22, 2009

adjective: blurby, bluuuuurb
1. The essence of being completely fat and lazy, devoid of any motivation other that sitting on a couch, eating and watching tv and/or playing video games.

verb: blurb, blurbing. blurbed
1. The act of being completely, uselessly, lazy.
2. To watch tv and/or play video games while eating food high in sugar and fats.

noun: blurber
1. One who blurbs or is currently in the act of blurbing.
adjective: "Wow, I can believe Tiffany is so bluuuuuurb!"

verb: "What do you want to do this weekend?" "Oh, I'm just going to stay home and blurb".

noun: "That blurber hasn't moved from that spot in hours, I wonder where he goes to the bathroom?"
by Bobarian October 17, 2014

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