A spill on oneself.
1. "You blurbed spaghetti sauce on your shirt!"

2. Kathy had a blurb on her pants when the dip fell off her chip.
#spill #spot #stain #drool #drip
by Azure Moon November 22, 2009
Top Definition
A blurb is just a short written peice about something. Usually it's in reference to a newspaper article that briefly mentions a barely newsworthy item.
The blurb on the second page only scratched the surface of the material.
by Catalytic of Bnet East July 09, 2003
A small amount of text, used beneath photographs in newspapers, or to thank someone in a book.
Hey Nick, I'm giving you a blurb in my new book, what do you want it to say?
by Donnie! April 06, 2005
A small, dense amount of descriptive text which can be fired like a projectile.
Shoot me a blurb on that, Tim, and I'll get back to you this afternoon.
by Chris August 30, 2004
A dose of highly concentrated spin intended to deflect direct perception and critical thought while presenting a desirable or attractive image to the public.
She's a master of Tae Kwan Do, a skilled brain surgeon, rock star, and wrote all of Shakespeare's sonnets. I read it in her blurb.
#blarb #brip #blorp #notes #liner notes
by Mongo 702 November 11, 2005
Blurb, from blurt and blubber. A short ‘descriptive’ piece of writing, written without much thought or content, and which can be safely ignored.
People are skeptical about blurbs because they sense the insincerity of the genre
#puff #blurt #blubber #eulogy #encomium
by William Wordsmith March 12, 2015
The short summary of a book, usually on the inside cover or back, that most people read so they can say they read the book
We had to read a book for school, but I just read the blurb/
by Oh Just Someone January 24, 2016
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