Acronym for Bitches Love Plaid
Joe: "Yo man, that chick is checking you out."
John: "Its the plaid man... Bitches love plaid (B.L.P) ."
by Brick Topp April 28, 2012
Top Definition
Balls longer than penis
That dude has some serious blp
by Haggers March 26, 2009
Something so gross, repulsive, and disgusting that makes you want to throw up in your mouth.
I just saw an old man whose nose-hairs extended past his lips. Blp!
by BlackMona January 22, 2010
acronym for "Barely Legal Pussy"
Man, i fucking rammed the shit out of the BLP last night...
by hwidtyayth February 15, 2009
acronym for Beautiful Lovely Princess.
All of Amy's friends know her as the BLP.
by dbqBuddha September 01, 2005
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