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n. The rig created when a rolled blunt is held between the teeth or lips and inserted into the mouthpiece of a bong. The blunt and bong are then simultaneously smoked.
Yo man! Hit the blong!
by Autocrat July 19, 2005
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the long patch of hair that trails along a woman's lower back down to her ass crack.
"Belinda, don't you think it's time you shave your b-long?"
by Bob Scholz October 15, 2007
A "Blong" is something that occurs when you insert a marijuana cigar into the bowl of a bong, than, you pack more marijuana around the blunt in the bowl, thus, creating the "Blong." The level of high the "Blong" produces is somewhere in between a bong and a vaporizor. It's just amazing. I really suggest you people try it.
Blong Rules:
1. Puff, Puff, Pass. It's still a blunt.
2. Once the blunt reaches the bowl, rotation than switches to "puff, pass" just like smoking a normal bong bowl.
3. Once you start the "Blong," there is no quiting.
4. *MOST IMPORTANT* If you don't like experiencing the most massive head ripping of your life, the "Blong" is not for you.
Dude, wanna get high?
No. I wanna get HEAD RIPPED!
I agree, let's blong it.
My thoughts exactly, man.

Well, enough of making this definintion.. The true definition. It's time for me to go blong it.
by S.S.&Z.T. July 20, 2011
Taking a bong hit and getting a blowjob simultaneously
Dude that hot chick gave me the best blong ever.
by UBCstoner February 22, 2010
A slip-of-the-tongue for running the word's "be" and "long" together when you mean to say "don't be long", and it sounds instead like "don't blong", as seen in the movie The Whole Nine Yards
Janni Gogolack: Don't blong.

Oz: "Don't blong"?

Janni Gogolack: Annoyed Don't-BE-long!
by Maedhros The Tall November 03, 2011
1. adjective. A hybrid word combining 'big' and 'long' used to describe a person who is big but has an aversion to being described as such.
2. adjective. Used to describe a curly haired lady with very long legs.
That medical student is awfully blong
by Blong's Friend November 02, 2011
The action of blogging while getting high from a bong.
dude!! blonging fucked me over so bad last night..i wrote such fucked up shit on the internet
by KerenSmith January 24, 2011

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