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Piece of ass. Someone you're just fuckin'
Hey...there goes Josh with his new piece.
by gRiTa July 07, 2005
Something sparkling or showy but basically valueless. Gaudy, showy, and basically blong.
~Didya see that thang on her finger?
~Tinsel. I bet her piece got it from a quarter machine, and said "Baby I got you this dyemond.
by gRiTa July 07, 2005
Response to a completly obvious, and unnecessary question.
Said to person in work setting and in uniform... "Excuse me...do you work here?"
"Fuckin'DUH! You thought I just really liked the nametags, fuckhead?"
by Grita September 22, 2004
The complete opposite of bling.
Those tinsel rims aren't bling, they're blong!
by gRiTa July 07, 2005
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