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A word used to describe how much a girl CATCHES the BALLS of the jocks on the football team
guy 1: Should i go for that blonde

guy 2: Yea she has a great set of hands

guy 1: Then she wont mind when i throw my balls her way
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
A word that describes something that is highly unlikely like the Hail Mary play in football (Used alot by football jocks)
Jock 1: Allen said he was gunna score Mindy

Jock 2: Bahaha, thats a Hail Mary !
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
Taking things to the next level with a girl (Football Jock Talk)
Jock 1: man ive been tackling Lexi for a week now, and ive already scored, i think its time to MOVE THE CHAINS

Jock 2: You should you guys look good together and she's deffinately girlfriend material
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
How close you are to scoring with a girl (used by football jocks)
Jock 1: you've been tackling Alex for weeks bro, whats your field position ?

Jock2: Im in the redzone man, next time we chill im filling the hole ferr suree
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
Getting with a girl (commonly used by football jocks)
Brock scored the hottest girl in school

After the game Im scoring !!
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
When you rush things with a girl, you can be succesful or non-succesful. Used alot by cocky football jocks
Jock 1: Dude i heaed about you and Steph

Jock 2: She's so stiff but i decided to blitz and actually got a hand job
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
When a guy is tackling more than one girl its just a way for him to put the girls in order of who he likes more.

Used by those Jock guys
guy 1: I cant believe Jess, Rach, Lila, and Tanya all like you

guy 2: ahah i never miss my tackles ;) Jess is 1st string, Lila's 2nd string and Tanya's 3rd string. I dont really care about Rach
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
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