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that grossed out feeling like you have slugs in your mouth
Bleech, I put WHAT in my mouth last night?
by Susan March 24, 2004
36 18
To be insulted, dissed, owned or taken down in any way.
5 year-old boy: You're a slag!

15 year-old girl: :O

Random person: OMG u got bleeched by a 5 year-old!!!
by The Confuzzler?!?! :S March 29, 2009
25 12
To disrupt (the confidence of, competitively).
You just got bleeched!
His forehead just got bleeched by that pole.
by Ingamar Dion Ramirez October 25, 2007
11 14
Eddited version of the word "kill"; to kill someone.
I'm a bleech me a nigga!
by John Matt June 17, 2003
9 38