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Simply put to get high on cocaine.
(Two guys pissing side by side at a urinal in a NYC bar)
Gay Guy says-"Do you like to party?"
Straight Guy says-"yeah"
Gay Guy says-"Do you blast off?"
Straight Guy says-"Yeah" (Not knowing what it means)
Gay Guy says-"Do you want to go into the stall?"
Straight Guy says-"Yeah"
(Both men walk into the stall and proceed to blast off employing the key bump method)
Gay Guy says-"Your fucking hot can I suck your dick?"
Straight Guy says-"No" (And proceeds to exit stall hastily. Comes home and defines this word on Urban dictionary)
by Chris Proce January 31, 2008
Reaching the pinnacle of creative expression in one's chosen endeavor. Sort of like how we identify Neo in The Matrix.
Dan was so inspired to paint something that he blasted off on the canvas with every idea that came to mind.

Mike was so desperate to get on the other side of the river that he had to blast off in one magnificent leap.
by Balfdor October 11, 2006
Do to coke / get high.
Do you wanna blast off this weekend?
by Thomas V May 02, 2006
Having to take a mighty shit in someone else's toilet in there house, and hoping they don't smell it before you leave.
"After that cup of coffee, I need to blast off in Danya's shitter!"
by Webster March 31, 2003