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To cum vigorously and copiously.
Thinking about Rena really makes me blast off!
by Pentozali November 06, 2011
2 8
Simply put to get high on cocaine.
(Two guys pissing side by side at a urinal in a NYC bar)
Gay Guy says-"Do you like to party?"
Straight Guy says-"yeah"
Gay Guy says-"Do you blast off?"
Straight Guy says-"Yeah" (Not knowing what it means)
Gay Guy says-"Do you want to go into the stall?"
Straight Guy says-"Yeah"
(Both men walk into the stall and proceed to blast off employing the key bump method)
Gay Guy says-"Your fucking hot can I suck your dick?"
Straight Guy says-"No" (And proceeds to exit stall hastily. Comes home and defines this word on Urban dictionary)
by Chris Proce January 31, 2008
26 32
Do to coke / get high.
Do you wanna blast off this weekend?
by Thomas V May 02, 2006
31 39
Having to take a mighty shit in someone else's toilet in there house, and hoping they don't smell it before you leave.
"After that cup of coffee, I need to blast off in Danya's shitter!"
by Webster March 31, 2003
14 28