Brutal Life Altering Rape Treatment. Noun; The act of raping someone with such force and single-minded evil that it changes their life forever. As opposed to date rape, which can often be repressed, a BLART is something that forces years of therapy and total loss of self. Being held captive in a trucker's footlocker for three weeks eating only clumps of hair and peach slices while being systematically tortured and sexually abused with jumper cables would be a BLART. Showering after some frat boy held you down for three minutes would not be a BLART.
They found her hiding from the light in a hallowed out tree clinging to a dirty sweater and missing six fingers, it was obvious to the detectives she had received a BLART.

That girl is such a cunt, she needs a good BLART.

I would never make love to Paris Hilton, but I wouldn’t mind giving her a BLART.

by TeamMillunzi February 18, 2009
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A fart with blood in it. When you strain to fart, blood sprays into your underwear.
After jaay got rid of his wicked case of buttslaw, he still had the occasional painful blart.
by Legendary Films September 20, 2004
one or more fake-tanned scantily-clad tattooed young ladies whose typical Friday evening's entertainment would consist of excessive alcohol consumption, giggling loudly whilst dancing around handbags, and urinating in the street. This to be followed by vigorous sexual intercourse with random males of the species, either up against a wall, over some rubbish bins or in a skip. The above phenomena can be observed between the hours of 11pm - 4am Friday evenings on the streets of any town or city in the north of England.
"how man lets get wersels in there man it's wall to wall wi blart"
by GeordieChris July 17, 2006
Adjective, adverb;

Inspired by Kevin James in the movie, "Paul Blart Mall Cop", blart is a derogatory term for addressing and/or describing someone whom is overweight/obese.
1. "Hey, do you remember those girl's names who walked past us?"

"Which one, the tall girl or that blonde blart?"

2. The women felt socially awkward when a rather blarty looking man in an elevator ripped a mad, thick fart.

3. "Jarome, I don't even understand why you're together with that blart."

"I like some meat on my bones."
by BaconFlipper April 22, 2013
Northumbrian. The female reproductive orifice and the tissues attendant thereto. Usually of a sheep or other farm animal - but not necessarily.
He looked worn oot. Glimmers like a pair of sheep's blarts.
by Radge Gadgee December 06, 2006
A Bloody Fart
man i just had a nasty blart
by 123321jkjk September 11, 2010
Blart, verb to cry Black County (UK West Midlands) dialect - from "the bleating of sheep"
"stop your blarting"
by Jentim July 27, 2005
I was checking the security cameras and I saw this fucking gorgeous blart bend over the freezer
by Freddy Mercury June 23, 2003

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