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1. An extremely precise metric measurement of the level of "suck" contained within a person, place, thing, event or action.
2.The quality, attribute, or characteristic of suck. Measured in units of "suck"
1.Jill has amazing levels of suckitude, she bailed again. She's almost suckatronic!
2.Jill's suckitude became apparent when she did not show up for the St.Patty's day festivities.
by Little j of Flylife March 17, 2003
71 4
Used to refer to the magnitude in which something sucks.
I am unceasingly amazed at the suckitude of many new bands.
by Zam October 06, 2003
39 2
Something that sucks to a higher level of sucking. This is called suckitude
The movie industry displays its suckitude with movies such as "The Hulk"
by CommunistWithAGun August 21, 2003
26 17
3. A parallel to attitude, only related to suckyness
3. Jill was all full of suckitude.
by Little j (of Flylife) March 17, 2003
8 19