what a vampire says instead of blood
Man: What are you going to do to me?
Vampire: I'm going to suck your blah!
by blahx October 15, 2007
Among other things, this word relates to Captain Sensible's political party. He began it as a protest that elected officials do not represent the masses and to give non-voting people an option to vote as a protest rather than avoid voting as a protest.
Disenfranchised Voter #1: I feel really BLAH about all those lying politicans and I don't feel any of them represent me so I'm not voting for any of them.
Disenfranchised Voter #2: I know what you mean--you should consider Captain Sensible's BLAH party.
Check out the Captain's own information on it at myspace.com under "thecaptainsensible"
by The Ripper April 18, 2007
1. an adolescent that does not seem to display any signs of a real personality

2. the opposite of an ogre - a person with no layers
"Margaret, will you please go find yourself a characteristic other than BLAH?"
by Alexa&Molly January 23, 2006
i love you forever and ever baby!
blah emily!
by swimdude99 April 27, 2009
a slang term used to describe your bra when you feel uncomfortable saying "bra"
Josey: i really need a bigger blah

Mike: what's a blah?

Melanie: you don't wanna know.
by justineee February 01, 2009
The act of running up behind someone and putting your leg in front of them and pushing them forward to make them fall foward
I ran up behind that nigger and pulled a blah!
A word used by people who are highly uneducated and do not know any other word to use
Evan, like the fucking idiot he is, said "blah" because he doesn't know any other words.
by Thompson 123 April 21, 2008

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