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A term used in Ireland to describe a certain level of drunkenness and is generally used when the bladder of the person drinking can't cope with the volume of alcohol taken and develops a mind of it's own.

Typical Symptoms include: unable to speak properly, only capable of emitting 1 syllable every 12 seconds, unable to walk, unable to control bladder, unable to understand plain english, trying to hail a shopping trolley for a lift home, urinating for 12 minutes at a time with a startled-deer look on their face, talking to shopping trolleys, sudden short-sightedness and long-sightedness at the same time, swaying, trying to copulate with a shopping trolley, proposing marraige to the policewoman, crying about the price of parsnips, pouring uneaten fast food all over the footpath, phoning the mother-in-law, randomly quoting descartes/proust/homer simpson..etc.
did ye see yer man last night? totally bladdered he was. couldn't string a sentance together. so he couldn't. They poured him into the joe maxi (taxi).


ah, jaysis lads, the girlfriends bladdered. can someone call a joe maxi (taxi)?
by Fergusg May 03, 2006
To be drunk - refers to full bladder. Same as tanked, hammered, stocious
"I was in the pub yesterday from 12pm - by the time I left I was bladdered"
means more than just "drunk" - actually means "aboslutely fuckin wasted off my ass!"
i went out drinking last night and got bladdered so i couldn't see further than a couple of inches in front of me
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
to urinate on a sex partner (a consensual act)
She was beggin me, so I bladdered her
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005