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slang used by Irish people and some English that is usually used to indicate someone is broke.

not sure where it originated...but, as a wild guess it might have something to do with "bob" also being the nickname of a coin in old irish currency (pre-metric) coupled with the fact that Bob Dylan looks permanently skint. (great singer/songwriter though!)

Also, "bob dylans" ryhmes with "shillings". A shilling was the equivalent of a new 5pence coing in new money.

So it could also be ryhming slang for shillings.

Seán: "are you heading out for a few pints, Michael?"

Michael: "Sorry I can't, unless u can sort me with some bob dylans until Friday."


"can you spare some bob dylans, Michael? the dealers outside and he's going to put my balls where my lungs are if I don't sort him out".
by Fergusg May 03, 2006
A term used in Ireland to describe a certain level of drunkenness and is generally used when the bladder of the person drinking can't cope with the volume of alcohol taken and develops a mind of it's own.

Typical Symptoms include: unable to speak properly, only capable of emitting 1 syllable every 12 seconds, unable to walk, unable to control bladder, unable to understand plain english, trying to hail a shopping trolley for a lift home, urinating for 12 minutes at a time with a startled-deer look on their face, talking to shopping trolleys, sudden short-sightedness and long-sightedness at the same time, swaying, trying to copulate with a shopping trolley, proposing marraige to the policewoman, crying about the price of parsnips, pouring uneaten fast food all over the footpath, phoning the mother-in-law, randomly quoting descartes/proust/homer simpson..etc.
did ye see yer man last night? totally bladdered he was. couldn't string a sentance together. so he couldn't. They poured him into the joe maxi (taxi).


ah, jaysis lads, the girlfriends bladdered. can someone call a joe maxi (taxi)?
by Fergusg May 03, 2006
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