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ORange soda!!!!!!!! BLACKTASTIC!
POPEYES!!!!!!!!!!!! blacktastic!
by KICK ass man August 28, 2003
12 14

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Rapper name for white guy named Will Stamper, a guy who designs the site
"This is Stamper, A.K.A. Blacktastic"
by Freddie March 29, 2005
55 17
A word used about something that a black person would like.
Black guy: Orange soda? BLACKTASTIC!
by Aahz August 14, 2003
49 27
A neat term that only black people should use. Insipered by Mall Monkeys
White d00d: Here I got you an orange soda, cuase you know, you're black.
Black d00d: *holds up soda* Blacktastic
by Jordan April 14, 2003
22 21
Awesome, groovy, fantastic, an expression of approval used to describe things that are stereotypically african-american.
"50 cent is Blacktastic!"
by TomXES April 15, 2003
8 12