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That guy from! Enjoys gingerbreading!
'Hey Stamper, you a dick!'
by Jacob Pantich November 23, 2004
smacking a girl in the face with a hard dick so hard that a red mark appears in the shape of the head of the penis
kathwack! I just stamped you
by Tim February 24, 2005
Noun. A shit taken on the trampoline of a high speed sailing multihull because there are no formal toilet facilities aboard.

Verb. Taking such a shit.

The term refers to the need to ´stamp´ the poo through the mesh of the trampoline, preferably with a waterproof sailing boot. How much stamping is required depends on three factors: the density of the trampoline weave, the consistency of the poo and the current sea state. (Rough seas may wash through the netting, relieving one of the need to stamp altogether.)
Pete: Oh man, what´s that on your boot?
Dave: Sorry dude, I just went for a stamper.

David: Hey, where´s the head on this thing, I´m dying for a massive shit.
Jerome: I told you to try not eat anything! Just go for a stamper.
David: Yeah well I just had to eat one muesli bar... What´s a stamper?
Jerome: Just go over there by the starboard hull, and make sure you stamp afterwards.
by 24gears January 28, 2011
Th3 RJ45 Man what more is there to be said?
omfg stamper we need some cable
by THE CROTH ROCKET December 01, 2004

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