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A word used about something that a black person would like.
Black guy: Orange soda? BLACKTASTIC!
by Aahz August 14, 2003
49 27

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Rapper name for white guy named Will Stamper, a guy who designs the site
"This is Stamper, A.K.A. Blacktastic"
by Freddie March 29, 2005
55 17
A neat term that only black people should use. Insipered by Mall Monkeys
White d00d: Here I got you an orange soda, cuase you know, you're black.
Black d00d: *holds up soda* Blacktastic
by Jordan April 14, 2003
22 21
ORange soda!!!!!!!! BLACKTASTIC!
POPEYES!!!!!!!!!!!! blacktastic!
by KICK ass man August 28, 2003
12 14
Awesome, groovy, fantastic, an expression of approval used to describe things that are stereotypically african-american.
"50 cent is Blacktastic!"
by TomXES April 15, 2003
8 12