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Typically found on all races except Caucasian. The term can be used in a racist manner to point out a lack of white people in a crowd.
Andrew: And there's the new restaurant.
Stephanie: There's a lot of black hair in there.
Andrew: Wait, what?
Stephanie: Mexicans...
Andrew: Ohhh.
Stephanie: Yeah.
Andrew: You're racist.
Stephanie: Yeah.
by Capitaaan April 17, 2011

Jet black hair, raven hair, ebony hair. Very beautiful, and hard to find now.
Hair matching the color of a raven.

I have jet black hair.
by Dominique June 22, 2005
brilliant. quite rare to have if you're not black/asian/hispanic/arabic.
i'm have natural black hair, it's jet black.
by emo-onyxcolourhairedgirl-loves HIM December 02, 2005
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