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1. A nice name.
2. Happiness.
1. Girl: "Hi Joy! What's up?"
2. "YAY!" jumps for joy.
by Dominique February 11, 2004
A lion and a tiger mixed, it's bred for its skills in magic.
The Liger is pretty much Napolean Dynamite's favorite animal.
by DOMINIQUE July 17, 2004
a sex hungry mongrel
Man that guy is so clay like!
by dominique December 08, 2004
To sexually dominate someone, specifically a submissive partner, often by speaking harshly and causing physical pain.
'I didn't think she would be any good at topping, being such a meek little thing, but she's hell on wheels with a spiked strap!'
by Dominique January 02, 2005

Jet black hair, raven hair, ebony hair. Very beautiful, and hard to find now.
Hair matching the color of a raven.

I have jet black hair.
by Dominique June 22, 2005
Your inner nastiness, particularly, the naughty part of your psyche you cover up with a facade of normalcy. The term was created by the 90's band Jack Off Jill.
'We are all candy-coated on the outside, but peel away the skin, and we're rotten on the inside... Everyone needs a taste of lollirot...'
by Dominique January 02, 2005
1. Mandarin Chinese word used as a past tense marker. Pronounced "luh."
2. French word meaning 'the'.
1. "Ta men wo de jia lai le."
2. "Le cafe."
by Dominique July 04, 2005
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