Term of abuse for a person his 30s who still lives in his parents house and refuses to get a job despite ample opportunity to do so.
"Why won't he get a job? "
"Why?, because he's a Bitty"
by bittywaster August 01, 2007
This is a southern insult with the same meaning but lesser intensity of bitch.
My mother-in-law is such a bitty.
by Dogbluff March 08, 2004
Normally, Bitty is referred to a female, that is cantankerous, irritable, unfriendly, etc, however you can use it interchangeably, between sexes. It is a PG way to call someone a bitch.
My mom just grounded me for a week, and took away my cell phone! What a bitty!
by StokedLove February 09, 2011
a girl that tries to be scene.

ugly teased hair, extensions, coon tails, their face looks just like the roadkill on their head, takes too much pictures with angles so they can hide their ugliness and seemingly look attractive, also layered in about 7 layers of photoshop, just plain fag.
mandy massacre's the biggest bitty ever.
by dsjffgfdasd February 08, 2009
1. Cutest word in the English language
2. Another way to say, bit
*add "bit" after "bitty" when used in adverb form
Wait a bitty.
That's a bitty bit weird.
by imnotreallysure November 02, 2008
a girl, a female, a honey
Damn I be pullin bittys.
by ferdinand IVX November 09, 2007
small handfan used to cool oneself at the gym
Josh: Yo man that was a tough workout...its hot in here!

Dan: Well stop your whining and grab a bitty then
by superstar89 March 20, 2010

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