bitties refers to girls
-often teenage girls
"hey bitties, whats up"
"what are you doing tonight mate? oh i don't know, probs just see some bitties"
by bits. cm/jc March 02, 2009
A shortened term of "Tig ol' Bitties" which is merely the B and the T switched to partially mask the true meaning: "Big ol' Titties."

Therefore when describing a woman, the term "bitty" is for short.
Dude 1: Did you see that bitty?!
Dude 2: She's got some serious personality.
by SteinerBombz May 25, 2012
A famous word used mainly in the UK in High Wycombe which originated from Herbert road an area in Micklefield. Which is used to describe a cocaine drug addict or alcoholic or a tramp.

Quote from Mr Paul the BITTY-NATOR

"a bitty is hard to explain really, some people are born a bitty or you are just a bitty and need to wake the fuck up"
"Look at that pisshead what a bitty guy."
"look at shayaan that ginja cunt what a fucking bitty"
"lets get Levvi to attack the BITTY"
by Crissu montana July 09, 2012
A bitty is an over intoxicated female who frequently roams the trashiest bars and dance clubs in your city. Native to Michigan, bitties tend to flaunt their plump bodies on top of speakers, attempt to pole dance on stage, try to make it rain, and are often seen drinking a Sex on the Beach. If you see a bitty on the street, she will most likely come up to you and sound really loud and obnoxious, but do not be scared because the subtle use of sarcasm, or a quote from Patch Adams, will forever render the bitty confused.
Did you see that bitty at Crush slam her head on that air vent when dancing on stage?
by Bitty_City February 03, 2013
Derived from lexeme 'bit', which comes in a variety of inflections (e.g. bitch) which are used to indicate something's bad or unwanted, it tends to be used by sluts in bars when referring to their slutty friends when they do slutty things.
Slut #1: Look at Rachael, she's giving that bartender a blow-job behind the bar.
Slut #2: Man, what a bitty.
by Tmosss March 18, 2010
Derogatory term for "little bitches". Usually hot freshmen or sophomore girl who all the upper class guys like, there for the upper class girls hate. Usually the shit.
Senior (Girl): "Look at them damn bitties, they think there the shit!"

Senior (Guy): "DAM, look at dem fresh bitties!"

Freshmen: "Bitties are here!"
by KARL1111 September 14, 2011
A little man from South London who goes out with a Northern bird with huge waps. Every day he gets suffocated. He sucks on them. He is BITTY!
Please love give me you titties. I am BITTY!
by GayIcon April 12, 2013
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