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A hott girl with big tits.
yo, you see that girl? she's a bittyyyy.
by ChingALing865 March 15, 2008
used to describe a small amount, or it can mean anything that you want it to mean...
how much weed you got left... just this itty bitty

yo man this sucks... i know it was mad bitty
by jetblack April 23, 2007
A slang term for breasts. Can be used in reference to either gender.
Male bitty is not nice to look at.
She has nice bitty!
Those bitty are really flat...
by HotSurferBoi23 September 05, 2006
Bitty: another word for bitch.
You are a bitty!
by GIGI5488 October 15, 2010
Reaaaaallly hot girl
Woah look at that bitty, her name must be schmel
by Sceeeene June 24, 2010
A crack-whore/fiend living in the UK
Look at that bitty
That bitty looks fucked

Lets go merk some bitties

That is a bitty!

What a bitty
He's a bitty lord
by Bitty-Lord August 16, 2009
adjective (diminutive and affectionate) meaning "small"

noun: derogatory for "old woman," synonyms: hag, witch, old bitch, antonyms: MILF, hot granny mamma.
I think that withered bitty wearing the little bitsy bikini should know better... wearing butt-floss over an adult diaper at her age!
by falseprophetapoco August 01, 2009