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Originating in Ann Arbor, MI, the word "bitty" is used to describe females of average to above-average phenotypes when they are intoxicated and/or of a promiscuous nature.

AKA "biddy," "april," "breezy"

PL: bitties
On a crisp Friday night, Milton played ruit (beer-pong) and proceeded to holler at a bitty.
by treecity April 26, 2009
15 29
General good feeling, used by people considered to be in the 'bitty crew'.
oh bitty! we raped them noobs!
by Bitty Crew Member May 31, 2009
12 27
A social, elderly women
I couldn't get rid of the damn bitty, she kept talking my ear off.
by desj808 November 21, 2010
9 25
a crackhead (also see fiend, beanheads) or a slag/sket.

some people are reffered to as bitty's if they are cat for weed or always in quest of getting weed and never gets any.
'that Anwer guy is a bitty, always cattin for 2 bun on the roach'

'you seen Ambermae recently? walkin around with her batty hangin out lookin like bitty number one!'
by bittyneverdies. September 05, 2010
6 22
a walking vagina
dayuuum what a big bitty
by bitty69 November 23, 2010
19 36
a bunny and a kitty put together
the ultimate cuteness
this is bitty
by katinthetree May 18, 2009
8 25
A hott girl with big tits.
yo, you see that girl? she's a bittyyyy.
by ChingALing865 March 15, 2008
10 27