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A citizen of an internet forum of oh-so-serious and mostly hormone-ravaged pre-menstrual women, and socially deviant males on which it is supposedly "hilarious" to sit and rant for hours and days and weeks and months on end about, well, other people on forums really.

The law there is simple; pick another poster any any number of the popular internet forums, I don't know, someone who commits the crime of being popular or something, start a thread about them, then sit around constantly for the next year or so writing about how sad said person is for spending so much time on the forums. This makes the people there feel great and worth something, at long last, to society.

Everyone else just points and laughs at the bitchfesters.
"I am so cool and great and clever because I am a bitchfester and I hate people I don't even know!"
by Rubio April 10, 2006

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