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Without gender. Often used as an identification for people who do not identify with or conform to any gender.
Char is agender. They satirize gender performance on a grim/fierce palette, as opposed to a butch/femme spectrum.
by butcherofkomarr December 27, 2011
A person who identifies as agender is one that identifies as neither male nor female. This is in contrast to cisgender people, who identify as the sex that is the one that they originally physically were, and transgender people, who identify as a specific sex other than the one they physically were, among other identities.

Some agender people have preferences for certain personal pronouns. While most people prefer either he or she, which some agender people prefer or don't mind, others prefer "they", "it", or a not-well-known attempt at making a new pronoun.

The argument for "they", as I understand it, is that it is sometimes already used as a singular word (such as for a person of unknown gender and sex), but others prefer "they" remain plural. The reasoning for preferring "it" can be the person rejecting or ignoring the diminutive uses of the word, at least when it is used tastefully. Other times, both of those are found to be insufficient, so additional word choices are found or created.
Tracy is physically a woman, but is agender, so she identifies as neither a woman nor as a man.
by Hedronal November 06, 2015
A group of people who failed biology.
Person A: Did you pass the biology test last Friday?

Person B: No, I'm agender.
via giphy
by Drew Mojica July 29, 2016
A basic bitch normal ass person who wants to be different. Agenders DO NOT have a gender, they are special snowflakes so respect that.
Person:"Hello sir, how-"
Agender:"Bitch I'm not a sir, I AM AGENDER!"
by A_Dolphin June 18, 2016
An adjective describing a male or female who thinks they are special and seeks attention by saying they don't have a gender. OR an adjective describing someone born without a gender in a very rare medical phenomenon.
Sydney claims she is agender.
by Dat be true December 22, 2015
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