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The way some uneducated black people pronouce the english word "birthday".
yo its mah birfday dawg u kno wat im sayin
by Freakasync April 12, 2005
A show where cars are taken from white people and then turned into a car which only a stuck-up (black) rapper would drive. They put spreewell wheels, lots of chrome, etc. Not to mention useless stuff like a turntable in the back. (where do you put your bags/luggage?)
I got my car pimped and got an official invitation to Harlem.
by Freakasync June 23, 2005
The one of the most discusting and sadistic bands out there. Music like that just proves they are sick individuals.
"I want to slit my wrists and bleed all over the floor and die. But before I do it I will listen to cannibal corpse"

"The girl is torn and twisted bleeding from her wound that swarms with maggots" -Cannibal corpse style lyrics
by Freakasync March 07, 2005
Music sung by some black "gansta" about his messed up live and his search for his father among 2000 men. Rap is often about people shooting each other because of drug/girlfriend/music/money problems. It is the most terrible music genre in the stores today.
"I shoot the police cuz they takes mah drugs" -Average black rapper.
by Freakasync March 07, 2005
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