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Noun: Legs, usu. female, that are so thin that they resemble legs on birds.
My girlfriend is skinny and has bird legs.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
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A severe debilitating condition where a young beautiful girl suffers from legs similar in proportion and ratio of size to a bird. Very odd in description. No known cure. Stay strong GWBL.
Poor Allison has bird legs.
by NerdBird1 July 08, 2014
When a person has legs so thin, that the thighs are as thin as their shins, so resemble the legs on birds.
Her legs are so thin they look like he legs on a stork or other bird legs.
by PPowell October 30, 2014
1. Small, boney, non-muscular calves.

2. A person with insufficiently sized legs. Usually to announce a bird legs presence the phase "chirp chirp chirp" is uttered.
Don certainly has some bird legs on him doesn't he?
by Meatloaf666 March 04, 2012

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