alternative form of bitch, commonly heard in the mouths of young children.
hey you took my juicebox biotch!
by cj-swizzle January 28, 2014
"waffles" in hispanic.
BIOTCH! why you be stealin my biotches! LEGGO MY EGGO BITCH!
by Gigga Bugga Coosh December 05, 2005
a fag way of saying bitch, which means a chick in a constant bad mood, or just a chick that you absolutely hate, or, a different way of saying "in your face".

The slang is commonly used by fags and children who think they're cool
guy 1: "that's right, biotch!"
guy 2: "why even bother..."
by Derpaherpderp August 07, 2011
a word used very often by preps and the ocassional good mouthed goth. a good way of saying b*****.
omg, nikki you're such a effin biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!

nikki- what did i do?

i dont know. :)
by hmmm......ooohh! a bird! October 06, 2009
a bitch/friend that is bi
hey bi-otch!
she is such a bi-otch !!
by danno the eskimo February 16, 2008
Sissy way of saying bitch
Say biotch the right way bitch
by dionysis April 27, 2005
An organization based out of Oregon, the Bells in Oregon towards Crowning Hobo's work to give bells and crowns to the homeless in an effort to beautify the city.
That there B.I.O.T.C.H. does good work in Portland dont they.
by dude September 14, 2003

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