a much nicer term for bitch (female dog)
Yo biotch, stop sittin on that blunt and pass that shyte.
by Bassmechanic March 29, 2005
a term of endearment.
hellz ya biotch, biotch get over here and give mama a hug.
by little mama March 12, 2006
Any person that will go to the Quik-Stop and buy you a 4D.
Go and get me a 4D, Biotch!!
by Benner January 16, 2004
A word that little nine year old kids use.. (instead of bitch).. so they wont get smacked up.
"My mom's a biotch, she won't let me wear my Britney Spears platforms and my glitter tank, Eh!"
by Harley "Princess Pimpin" January 03, 2004
Slang term for "Beach" solely because they sound slightly similar....and the term Biotch is a stupid overused ghetto word.
It's a nice day today....Wanna go to the Biotch.
by octavius March 09, 2004
usualy when i say it it is after a diss followed by a WHIPCRACK
ah ha you stupid idiot BITOCH WHIPCRCK ........................

fuck i have way too much spare time
by lily April 21, 2005
A male dog
"Eat a dick. Biotch
by A-Jay Killa December 21, 2003

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