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Slang term for the major of "Architecture" at most universities that offer the degree in the united states.
He's an Architorture major, that's why he never gets any sleep.
by octavius March 10, 2004
The famous tagger in Los Angeles, who tagged his name in the elevator after being convicted, only to be convicted again.

The famous Neandrathal cave boy from Land of the Lost.
Who do you think you are, Chaka? after tagging......

That one chick is fine, but chaka over there.....
by octavius March 09, 2004
a person who has had sex with the same girl as you is your penis cousin.
You Screwed her? Holy shit! WE're penis cousins!
by octavius March 09, 2004
A term in Ted Kazinscki's (unibomber)manifesto that was recognized by his brother, causing him to call the FBI.
But it is obvious that modern leftist philosophers are not simply cool-headed logicians systematically analyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are deeply involved emotionally in their attack on truth and reality.
by octavius April 28, 2004
1. someone who acts retarded.
2. someone who acts spaztic and out of control.
3. someone who does something stupid.

This word is a comparison to children with disabilities or uncontrollable movements who are required to wear helmets to prevent head injuries.
Hey, Helmet Boy over here thought that light beer meant that it has less alcohol in it!

HB - "Lemmego! Lemme go!" "Chill out helmet boy! you'll get your turn..."
by octavius April 28, 2004
Term at In-N-Out Burger used to order a hamburger which is fried in mustard.
I'll have a Double Double animal style.
by octavius March 10, 2004
This term is used by people in Los Angeles, when referring to travelling within Orange County. This refers to the idea that people in Orange County know nothing about what's going on in Los Angeles or even the world, and only are concerned with local affairs.

Comes from the term for Russia "behind the iron curtain" from the cold war era.
Man, I had to go "behind the orange curtain" the other day to visit my cousins. They still think rockabilly is cool!

How come you missed the big concert? Oh man....since I moved behind the Orange curtain, there's no way for me to keep up with what's going on.....there's no LA Weekly or anything!
by octavius April 28, 2004

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