Beauty Inside and Out
From Tyra Banks show: beauty comes from inside and out! BIO!
by cng413 May 24, 2010
Used to denote an absent or deadbeat biological parent (usually male) when terms like "father" or "dad" are inappropriate due to the individual's lack of participation in the child's life.
Sophie's bio has never paid a dime of child support, and he never asks about her when I talk to him.
by mamacitta April 07, 2009
A "bad Idol outcome"; when the wrong contestant gets the boot or gets an undeserved reprieve on American Idol
It was a BIO when Chris Daughtry lost the Idol competition to Taylor Hicks.
by Boss Brian May 07, 2009
Bring it On
John: Want to fight??
Jack: BIO.
by YOYOYOYYOYOYOOYOYYO November 30, 2008
Irritant occasionally found on internet voice channels.
"Im not using ventrilo anymore, theres a right bloody bio online"
by DumbGrunt July 27, 2004
French yogurt
-...en plus, Bio de Danone est enrichi en buffyduçactif
-mMmMmMh!! mAiS C'eSt sUrToUt TrEs bOn!
by FrenchLascar187 February 16, 2004
One of the coolest spells to ever grace the Final Fantasy series.
Bio is a poison element spell.
Fire 3:Fire::Blizzard:Ice::Bio:Poison
by Moggle888 August 26, 2003

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