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Hard Disk Drive
I want to uninstall a program of my hdd
by Sonik August 02, 2003
Used while giving driving directions. Substitute "right" for the direction that you want to "bang" or turn.
Yo, bang a right! See that light ahead? Bang a left there.
by Sonik October 29, 2003
A slutty or provocative appearance.
I saw her walking down the street in a short hoochified skirt with her hoochie hanging out!
by Sonik October 29, 2003
To be beaten to death by a large black rubber dildo.

In the movie Lock Stock and Two smoking barrels, the character Hatchet Harry, beats a man, suspected of stealing, to death with what happened to be at hand. Harry, also a porn shop owner, happened to grab a big black rubber cock.

This term arose due to the unwieldlyness of the lengthy phrase "He was beaten to death with a large black rubber cock..." and was shortened to simply, "He got gonked."
Hatchet Harry gonked some bloke for stealing from him.

If these guys keep pissing us off like this, I'm gonna gonk them.
by sonik February 06, 2005
A way to reject a proposed circumstance or event
Bop down Hackney without my gat? Fuck that shit
by sonik February 28, 2004
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