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1. adj. used when someone is hot enough to jank to.

2. n. A special place (study, lavatory, closet] used for masterbatory sessions.

3. n. Laboratory specially designed for studying masterbation.
1. Holy shit, I met Kristen's little sis last week, girl is fully masterbatory!

2. If you'll excuse me, I need to step into the masterbatory for a quick tug.
by jimmy patrick February 19, 2008
adj. Something which is great fun to do but is completely pointless or without useful purpose.
Person 1: "hey have you checked out that farming app on facebook?"

Person 2: "yeah, it's totally masterbatory!"
by tickletackle November 23, 2010
The art of masterbating. Hot enough to masterbate about.
Dude look at that chick, shes very masterbatory!
by Mike Rotch July 21, 2003