Term used to describe individual deemed too ugly for modern workplaces. Horribly deformed by endless hours of clicking their mice buttons (usually playing Warcraft 3 or other "RTS" games) "bio"'s are generally shunned by normal society and most have to work from home - a situation which only exacerbates their chronic masterbatory habits.

"Have you seen that new bloke who is writting the network scripts? His face is like chopped meat! This place is going to the dogs. They even let the bio's work here now" - Overheard in a London office
by DumbGrunt August 24, 2004
BIO , acronym of "Bring It On"
also known as the best warring kingdom in a mmorpg browser game called "Utopia".

GhettoPlayer1: hey man you know BIO?
GhettoPlayer2: OMFG OFC!1 they are teh so l33t they won honor crown on age 34 <3 bio
by Blake Gifford March 09, 2007
A backflip with a rotation
eg. A Bio 540 = a backflip also rotating through 540 degress horizontally.
''Woah, that guy just bio 540ed the mole hill''
by Brendan April 06, 2003

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