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a headshot in the online game counter-strike. most got hax? people do this.
1. wow talk about a nice bink!
2. awww did i bink your thourgh the wall? got hax?
3. fkn every kill is a bink.. got h4x faggot?
by Andrew January 19, 2003
Washington State Jailhouse slang for getting hit in the head hard.
"That fool got caught cheatin so he just got binked"
"That fuckin chymo is gonna get binked"
"That dipshit Zebra-hopper slipped on some shit and binked his head on the table"
by Sam September 05, 2003
The past tense of being dissed by someone. binker
He totally binked me.
I think I just got binked, she did not say hi to me.
I just got binked by you.
She binked me.
by ONIKA PATEL November 28, 2003
When you open your asscheeks and rub your ass down the neck of an unsuspecting, and preferably sleep girl u care nothing for to leave all of your funk on her neck while she wonders what and where the smell is coming from.
Yo, I met this chick when I was fukked up after the club let out and popped her off, but when she was sleep I binked her and dipped! That was some funny shit, god!
by FREEKEE BANDERAZ215 April 20, 2005
fucked, banged, rammed
"yo i binked yer girly last night"
"you what?"
"goddamn yer stupid."
by pappy July 28, 2004
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