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When you call someone a binker, it can mean whatever you want it too,
You fuckin binker - bad way
Your a binker - good way
"your awesome"
by Dominik Osburn January 09, 2005
35 23
A person who disses another
He is a Binker
He totally Binked me
I just got Binked by her
Dont Bink me, call me back.
by ONIKA PATEL November 25, 2003
24 24
a short, ripped kid who doesn't take any crap and says, "Che watever, I do wat i want."
look at that binker, he's huge.
by Troy Binken January 26, 2004
17 19
can mean butt or butthole.
your a binker

i fell down the stairs and hurt my binker
by the original schmidt December 08, 2006
11 16
The formal title of a member of Bink, Inc. Usually followed by a last name, but can be used independently.
Greeting and salutations Binker Mathis.

Aren't you a Binker?
by Iloveit October 18, 2007
3 17