A term commonly attributed to asexual, genetic freaks who excel in the fields of mathematics and science. These person(s) do not make legitimate attempts to connect with the opposite sex throughout their lives', and consequently, often commit suicide in their early thirties in order to escape the stressful hell-hole that life has become without steady companionship.
Dude, Bill has become such a Bindi, he used to be so happy...
by Joey Orgler October 20, 2007
Top Definition
bindi is referred to as a decorative dot worn on the forehead.
Gwen Stefani wears bindis.
by Bindi P January 30, 2006
A decorative dot placed on a woman's forehead.

Meant as a bullseye for a man to aim the money shot.
Bindis make a facial so much easier.
by Salman Rushdie July 04, 2013
Red dot on an Indian womans forehead that lights up to indicate the Icee/Slurpie/Coffee in her convenience store is ready.
Look, the bindi is lit! Time for Cherry Coke and Curry Icee drinks!
by vegasrew April 10, 2007
A red dot that Indian women have on their forehead to record shit you saying so they can bring it up later on in an argument.
Raj: (sarcasm) I think your mother is great

Wife: That wasn't what you were saying on June the 24th 1992 at approximately 10:39pm...
Raj: Oh no, she recorded me with her bindi!
by The beast G October 21, 2015
bindi is a really sick, hectic, caring person who will always be there when needed. Amazing person and top notch
I know a cool person, who Is it bindi!
by butman101 April 08, 2015
To do a Bindi (on someone): either cancel at short notice a meeting or schedule the meeting so that the opposite party travels.
He's done another Bindi on me: I have to come all the way to meet him and he'll cancel at the last minute.
by lludovic February 18, 2013
a term offensively used in reference to a indian person.
Them bindi's sure know how to cook up lamb/chicken & rice.
by Blanky July 07, 2005
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