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A Slut With Herpes. (Slut + Herpes)
Guy #1: Yo, I had raw sex with Vicky and Wendy last night.
Guy #2: You Idiot! Those girls are Slurpies!
Guy #1: Nooooooo, Now I got Herpes!!!
by puppycat March 16, 2009
A frozen, usually fruit flavored ice drink that Arabian immigrants sell at your local 7-11.

For more on Arabian Immigrants, see also Dune Coon, Towel Head, andCamel Jockey.
Joe: Hey, Larry! Let's go get a slurpie from 7-11!

Larry: Yeah! I hear the Dune Coon is working their today!

Joe: Dammit! He always rips us off!

Larry: Oh yeah...
Cunnilingus. As blowjob is to fellatio, "slurpie" is to cunnilingus.
"C'mon baby, gimmie a slurpie", she moaned, dropping her panties and spreading her legs.
by Michael August 08, 2004
The best drink from any store ev4h. It is a frozen delight, and comes in many flavas.
I went and got a 1.18 Litre slurpie for only $1.83 after the concert last night. It was the bomb-sauce!
by Will Jackson June 03, 2004
The act of Fellatio performed upon a limp penis lasting for more than 5 seconds.
Dude, I was so drunk I couldn't get it up. She gave me a slurpie for a good 7 seconds or so, then I passed out. It was awesome.
by Bone-PA December 30, 2009
The greatest beverage you can ever purchase. Go into your local kwik trip, go to the back of the store and you will see many different size cups (like mega buddy, big buddy... ect). You fill it up with smoothy slush and three flavor shots. 32oz for 1.87, what could be better than that?
Fuck big gulps I want a slurpie.
by 8Ocho8 April 02, 2007
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