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This is what a tramp stamp will be called in another 3 decades when all the girls with butteryfly and tribal tramp stamps are grandmothers.
Yeah, she thinks her tribal tramp stamp is cool now, but one day she'll have to explain her gramp stamp to her grandchildren.
by vegasrew April 09, 2007
I created the Italian Apple Martini while working at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Here is how you make one at home...
3/4 oz Amaretto Di Saronno liqueur, 1 1/2 oz DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker schnapps, 3/4 oz Stoli Vanil vodka, 1 splash Rose's lime juice, 1 splash cranberry juice.
Pour all into iced shaker tin, shake until tin is cold to the touch and strain into martini glass. Garnish with lime wheel, and serve.
"I'm tired of drinking beer, I need something good"
"My Spiritual Advisor recommends an Italian Apple martini."
by vegasrew April 18, 2007
People that are inbred are said to have a Family Wreath, as there are no branches, only a circle of family.
Bubba went to the library to get a copy of his Family Wreath for his Dad/Uncle/Brother Travis.
by vegasrew April 09, 2007
Rhum drink I created while working at the Fontainebleau in South Beach, Miami. To make one at home...
1 1/2 white tequila, 1/2 creme de cassis, 2 lime wedges, 12 fresh mint leaves, 3-6 oz 7-Up soda, 1 tbsp brown sugar.
Muddle sugar, mint and squeezed lime wedges in mixing tin until mixture smells like spearmint gum. Fill with ice, add tequila and cassis, shake until the tin is icey to the touch. Pour into a collins glass, top with 7-up and garnish with a sugarcane stick and fresh mint.
"Man, there are no manly cocktails out there."
"Sure there are. My Spiritual Advisor makes an awesome Mojito Diablo."
by vegasrew April 18, 2007
A person that, through watching Food Network, believes they are now qualified to edit menus, adjust restaurant recipes and provide advice to people that actually work in the Food and Beverage industry.
AEC for short.
Chef, I've got an AEC (Armchair Executive Chef) in the dining room that suggests we use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the fryer.
Great, tell him his fried will be $48 dollars.
by vegasrew April 09, 2007
Another term for bartender.
"Are you having a Mojito Diablo or an Italian Apple martini?"
"I dunno, let me consult the Spiritual Advisor on duty."
by vegasrew April 18, 2007
The exclusive perfume of Mexican gorditas.
When I smelled the aroma Fried Ice Cream wafting from the cantina, I knew Gorditas were near.
by vegasrew April 10, 2007
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