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Baldy I'd Like to Fuck
"Dude, Nick Thompson from Hit The Lights is such a BILF!"
"IKR!?! OMFG and what about Mat Love from Mercy Mercedes? NOMM!"
"Ahh, Matt's such a BILF too!"
by tFTW June 24, 2009
Acronym: Brother I'd like to fuck.
N. Term applied to hot (usually older) brothers of best friends (bfs) or aquaintences. Used when around said targets sibling or other friends who know of siblingship.
Akin and sometimes used in place of the rarer Filf (Family I'd like to fuck; i/e:cousin, step siblings ect., aunts, uncles, cousins inlaw - of friends)
Derivitive of Milf
Note: does not denote an incestual connotation.
Jason: hey (passing to the kitchen)
Jess(studying, overtaken by jasons hotness): Your brothers a bilf.
Lynn: what?
Jess: Is he seeing anyone?
Lynn: What!?....your fucking crazy.
by A.L.F. August 29, 2006
Acronym: "Beast I'd Like (to) Fuck"

A beast, whether tame, wild or mythical, that a human individual sees as attractive enough to want to have sexual intercourse with them. Just because they're non-human doesn't mean that they don't need a spark in their love life.
That ewe on her own in the corner is a right BILF.

Last night was awesome - I met up with a whole load of likeminded individuals and we whiled away hours comparing BILF conquests.

A BILF hunter aids others in their quest for top-notch BILF usually cataloguing possible BILFs on their internet site.
by The one and only BILFhunter June 01, 2006
boy i'd like to fuck
Justin's such a bilf! I'd love to stick my big cock in his tight little virgin ass!
by boytoylover June 11, 2003
Boss I'd like to fuck.
"A great tragedy is happening, a BILF is leaving her job."
by bilf hunter January 27, 2010
Brotha' I'd like to Fuck

A black man you would like to have sexual intercorse with
*at the night-club*
Friend 1: Oh my god! Do you see that black guy over there at the bar?
Friend 2: I know! He's one sexy BILF...
by Ni Angelo December 15, 2009
bride I'd like to fuck
I went to the wedding. She was a real BILF!
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
bitch I'd like to fuck
That bilf is pretty hot.
by Anonymous November 15, 2002