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1. the sexual act between two male units of putting one's erect penis in another's ear, ejaculating, jizzing, and groaning at an incredibly high volume, whilst producing faecal matter on that person's chest at an also incredibly high volume.

2. the act of playing any song by singer Justin Bieber.
"Hey John, want me to give you a bieber tonight?"
"Biebering is only gay for the person that's getting it!"
"Are you singing along to "One Time", or giving your little friend a bieber?"
by imma_redbull04 July 07, 2014
(v.) to bieber is to break into someone's room, house, etc and cover all surfaces with posters of justin bieber.
room 311: i heard room 310 got bieber'd.

room 312: we didn't eat dinner tonight, we were too busy biebering room 310.
by room 312 November 14, 2010
The act of Biebering is constently looking up or searching Justin Bieber on the internet. For example; his twitter, google, or instagram.
"Why has she been on the internet for hours?"
"Oh, she's just Biebering...."
by ForeverBlieber1 December 25, 2012
To Bieber.

Beibering (verb) is what happens when our friends leave their Facebooks up (ie on the computer or cellphone) and we go on their page and post a funny status about a celebrity that is usually undesirable, as punishment for leaving their page unattended and vulnerable.
Dude! Scott left his FB page up! Let the Biebering commence!

Scott's Status: Mmmmm... Gimme some of that Bieber... Sexy little thang
by Conundrum08 April 14, 2011
v. Acting like an entitled low-life while high on drugs.

You got to stop biebering every weekend. You'll end up in the slammer.

Let me be free! You don't know the pain I've suffered! I grew up in Canada for God's sake!
by gnostic 1 February 01, 2014
When teenagers talk about adult subjects for which they have absolutely NO experience with or know ANYTHING about, but ACT like they do.
Justin was just Biebering when he said, "I would never become a U.S. citizen. (in Canada) We go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you're broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard's baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby's premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”
Cause you know, NOBODY pays for healthcare in Canada. The money arrives to the doctor from Santa Clause who got it from the tooth fairy, who in turn received it from the Easter Bunny from sales of Cadbury Eggs.
by DWinchester February 17, 2011
Making all other male's in the area look lower in ability than you are. Or attracting all the girls to yourself and leaving none for the other males. This can also be referred to as "Pulling a Bieber".
We get it Jack, you can play guitar, drums and bass. Stop Biebering.
by ReesAndCo4 August 24, 2010

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