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The religion of the worshipers of Justin Bieber, or otherwise known as 'Belibers'. Any member of the Beiberistic Church has a severe case of Bieber Fever, or in scientific terms, The Bieberous Virus. People who practice Bieberism worship Justin Bieber twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. Most of the members of the Church of Bieber are annoying ten-year-old females.
Bailey is a girl who practices the religion of Bieberism
by BillyBobBopperBoo March 03, 2011

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To use part of Justin Bieber's name mixed with a word or phrase.

Whats up Biebizzl.
Your such a lazy Bieber.
by iluvhils April 18, 2010
a religion for crazed people who worship and lick the ground of the beautiful Justin Bieber.
Joe: "Are you a JEW?"
Bubbles: "No, i'm a belieber of Bieberism."
by poopeminem February 17, 2011
To use the name of a Justin Bieber song in a normal conversation.
In my world I am one less lonely girl. (These are Bieberisms)
by Sophie Michelle April 04, 2010
Any reference to Justin Bieber, like someone singing a knock-off version of "Baby, Baby, Baby," or comparing someone to Bieber's appearance or voice.
Stop throwing around Bieberisms, I'm tired of hearing about that kid!
by benjaminbailey October 31, 2010
anything having to do with Justin Bieber
bieberism is a zip up sweatshirt
by halzzzzo February 24, 2011