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Area code for Chicago
"3-1-2's, 3-1-3s, 2-1-5, 8-0-3s
Read your whoreoscope and eat your whore d'oeuvres" from Ludacris' "Area Codes"
by J November 17, 2004
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it's crip talk for ye
guy 1:yo cumin killin sum slobs
guy 2:3-12
by lewis hadley December 09, 2006
When you punt a baby panda in the air.
When Bill, said he wanted to 312, he wasn't kidding!
by Poison Control September 12, 2009
Crip Love
3rd and 12th letters or alphabet: C.L.
by memphis August 19, 2003
the gayest place in the world, so gay even aids wont go there because of the fear of getting an STD. can also be used as an adjective
I went in 312 and i felt a cock on my neck
That ass pounding is so 312
by samkling April 09, 2008

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