The name given to a person who enjoys the act of using one’s tongue on the anus in order to gain and or give sexual pleasure.

A bidet within a bathroom is a device used to clean one’s anus and buttocks. The tounge during the act of rimming in the same way cleans the very same area.
“Did you take home Bidet last night?”

“Yes I did, and this morning I’m squeaky clean.”
#anal #rim #ass #arse #rim job #sex #fellatio #anal sex #ass hole #gay #licking #oral sex
by EggsUK February 25, 2010
a person that seems attractive in clothes, but is ugly when naked.
"Oh my god, I slept with him and he is such a bidet."
#ugly #naked #disgusting #gross #turn-off
by UKWildcat11 May 13, 2010
When one is being excessively feminine and or a big gaping asshole they are said to be "on the bidet"
"Haha I had sex with your mom last night"
"Dude get off the bidet"
#flamboyant #jerk #annoying #asshole #funny word
by Philly-BA April 24, 2007
A vaginal cleaning tool.
I thought the bidet was a water fountain, boy was i wrong...
by LOLWTFBBQCHIPS March 18, 2005
a hose to wash ur ass after you take a shet. extremely soothing
i started to use my bidet after ever shit and i never felt any cleaner!
by jimbob February 16, 2003
When you piss on a girls arsehole
I gave that girl a bidet
by Fuk Yoo December 13, 2003
super duper deluxe commode enema
um...... it's French!!!! r0flaffl
by ~''~ March 16, 2005
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